Do girls do better at an all-girls school

Do Girls Do Better in an All-Girls School?

If you’ve been thinking of sending your daughter to an all-girls school, one of your biggest questions is likely, “how do girls perform in an all-female setting?” There are many reasons to consider an all-girls school, most importantly, how it can impact your daughter’s overall education and well-being. In an all-girls school, girls have many more opportunities to perform better, maintain academic focus, and develop more confidence.

Leadership and Communication Skills

Girls attending all-girl high schools have a better chance of becoming leaders. Many coed schools tend to default to boys as leaders and girls as organizers. In an all-girls school, girls fill all rolls. Girls get a chance to develop and pursue their leadership skills.

Girls also get more chances to speak in an all-girls school. In coed schools, teachers tend to call on boys more often and give them longer to speak. Girls may be overlooked. This bias doesn’t exist in an all-girls school. Girls may also feel more comfortable talking in front of a group of supportive peers.

Learning Environment

Even though most teachers have the best intentions, there are often many unintentional gender biases in schools. For example, boys are expected to be better at math, science, and athletics, while girls are expected to excel in reading, writing, and the arts. 

At an all-girls school, girls can shine in all of their classes. There are no expectations based on gender. All students are expected to do their best. Girls get a chance to explore the academic pursuits that interest them. They’ll also get more individualized attention from their teachers and get a chance to work with mentors who can help them succeed.

STEM Opportunities

There is a large gender gap in the STEM industry. Women currently only make up 34% of the field. Careers in the STEM field are expected to grow by 11% in the next decade and have the highest expected growth for any industry. Girls must be included in these jobs for the betterment of society.

While in coed schools, STEM courses, clubs, and programs tend to be dominated by boys, in an all-girls school, the girls get a chance to shine. Girls who have an interest and aptitude in STEM are encouraged and fostered. They’ll be more likely to pursue a degree and a career in one of these fields. They’ll also have a lot more confidence in their science and math abilities.


Self-confidence is a struggle for many teenage girls, no matter what school they attend. However, there’s much more pressure in a coed school than in an all-girls school. Girls are often expected to act a certain way, excel in certain areas, and have certain interests. 

All-girls schools are often free from these stereotypes. Girls are encouraged to be themselves and to explore a wide range of subjects and activities. As a result, they are more comfortable in their environment and feel like they can be themselves. There’s no pressure to impress boys and less pressure to impress other girls.

They often leave school feeling like they can do anything they want. This self-confidence translates into college and their careers.

Social Environment

The atmosphere at an all-girls school is entirely different than at a coed school. There are no preconceived gender stereotypes to work against. The students are less competitive socially and more competitive academically. They can be themselves and focus on the things that truly matter to them.

Academic Success and Goals

Girls in all-girls schools tend to focus on their academics more. They put more effort into their studies, and with more teacher attention, they’re more likely to excel. 

At an all-girls school, there is still competition to excel in academics, sports, and the arts, however this form of competition is more healthy and helps girls improve. Girls push each other to do their best.

When girls perform better academically and aren’t pitted against boys, they set higher goals for themselves, and tend to pursue more advanced degrees and competitive careers.

Parting Thoughts

How do girls perform in an all-female setting? At Buffalo Seminary, they flourish. We encourage students to be their best and give their best in everything they do. We give them the guidance they deserve to become lifelong learners. Our girls grow into confident, knowledgeable leaders ready to take on the world.

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