Four Advantages of an All-Girl Boarding School

Negative connotations and stereotypes begone. Modern day boarding schools allow for students and families to get the most out of their educational institution and provide girls with a second family outside of their home. An all-girl boarding school allows for students to have an increased focus, specialized learning environment, sense of community, and better preparation for college. 

Increased focus

Being in an all-girl environment allows for students to focus on their education first. Facing less societal expectations and distractions, our girls are encouraged to come into their own and discover their passions naturally. Living and studying in the same place allows students to maximize their education alongside a community of like-minded, hardworking peers. After a brief walk through our courtyard which connects our dorms and school, students have all of the resources at SEM at their fingertips. Our computer labs, study spaces, and rich library are always available for use. These resources enable students to maintain focus on their studies in an atmosphere equipped for learning, exploration, and discovery. 

Specialized learning environment

Students are encouraged to pursue what inspires them and become active participants in their education. At SEM, many of our classrooms use Harkness tables, which allow for student-driven discussions that encourage collaboration, higher engagement, and confidence to speak out. Our residential students also have dedicated study hours over the weekend guided by a staff member to ensure they are caught up on work and allow for the students to help tutor one another. Our faculty understand the multifaceted ways in which young women learn, allowing them to provide individualized attention and engaging coursework. Small class sizes and unique course offerings encourage students to pursue their interests, such as “Science Fiction and Society” or the “History of Pop Culture.”

Sense of community

Boarding allows for our girls to be surrounded by fellow students from around the world that they never would have met otherwise. This global community is furthered by our weekend activity programming. Faculty and staff host events each week that enable students to see and enjoy the surrounding community. Western New York contains multitudes, with beautiful state parks just miles away, along with world class art galleries and bustling shops just a brief walk from SEM. From fun movie nights to weekend road trips to neighboring cities, these activities not only encourage interaction with the outside world but also create lifelong friendships and bonds amongst our girls. Living and learning together year after year creates a unique sisterhood that only boarding school can provide. 

College preparation

Boarding school enables students to live on their own in a controlled environment, allowing them to develop the independence and social maturity they will need once entering the next phase of their lives. Students must learn to manage their time and balance their school work with the responsibilities of living on their own, such as laundry and maintaining their living spaces. These skills will allow our girls to go into college life with an established skillset,  prepared to thrive and ready for any new challenges. SEM also offers 19 AP courses which allow students to get a headstart on receiving college credits, in addition to an in-school college counselor that guides them through the entire acceptance process. Our five-year college matriculation list features the universities our most recent graduates have attended. 


All-girl boarding at SEM encourages our girls to become leaders in their own community and eventually the world. Boarding not only teaches girls valuable life skills, but also creates a sisterhood, where girls are free to be themselves and grow alongside passionate peers. 

SEM offers both five- and seven-day residential boarding, living in our historic homes that surround SEM. Our boarding program honors the school’s historic commitment to a culture of belonging, humanity, and kindness that enables every student to thrive and grow. Learn more about our residential program at our website, linked here.

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About the Author

Janelle is the Marketing Coordinator & Computer Science Teacher at Buffalo Seminary.

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